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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: The cost of studying abroad?
A: The cost of training depends on the chosen country, university - partner towards training and profession, and of learning: hospital or correspondence.

Q: A budget for?
A: Being in high school - the partner you have the status of foreigners for whom the stipulated fees.

Q: Cost Consultation Program "Education in Europe"?
A: All consultations in preparation for the interview and the interview are free.

Q: What is the process of Boulogne?
A: Details on site evroosvita footnote no.

Q: The status of the program "Education in Europe"? What level of accreditation partner university?
A: Applications "Education in Europe" has the power of university partners to represent their interests in Ukraine and to serve as an introductory commission. All university - Partner Program "Education in Europe" - a private and public universities.

Q: How and where the entry into your chosen university?
A: You must pass entrance qualification appointment, the Agent Program. During the interview, the motivational level is determined by applicant to study abroad and if necessary - level of profile for selected specialty items. Interviews are conducted periodically since February 1, 2011 the head office of the Programme "Education in Europe" in White Church. Date and time of the interview is determined for each applicant individually.

Q: How is teaching in the partner university?
A: Duration: educational level of bachelor - 3 years of humanitarian and economic fields, 3, 3,5 or 4-years - technical specialties educational level Master - 1,5 or 2 years Continuing Education - 1 year, usually by correspondence. Stationary Learning: Classes are held from 3-5 days a week from 8.00 am to 16.45 pm. Distance learning: Usually classes are held every 2 weeks over the weekend, starts on Friday with 17.00., On other days from 8.00 am to 20.15 pm.

Q: Where students live while studying?
A: Accommodation is possible in apartments or in dormitories at the university. The cost from 350 to 500 zlotys a month. (Selection of housing choice for students included in the remit university - Partner Program "Education in Europe).

Q: How much to spend on food?
A: The cost of meals is between 300 to 500 zlotys a month.

Q: What language is learning?
A: Studying the possible Polish or English. We encourage you to be trained in special courses or in the Polish language tutor (5-6) months.

Q: Can I get scholarships?
A: Yes. Each partner university program "Education in Europe" has from 5 to 25 scholarship programs that are available including students from Ukraine. Conditions for the scholarship should explore the official web resources selected universities.

Q: Is it possible to study and work simultaneously?
A: Yes you can. For legal employment, a student after learning must apply for temporary residence cards, after receiving a student can contact the appropriate department at the university, where he will assist in finding jobs. Students stationary forms of education is possible to work only during the holidays.

Q: Is it possible option of transferring from Ukrainian universities in Polish?
A: Applications "Education in Europe" does not provide services for transfer students in the partner universities. We recommend a complete educational level (bachelor, master or specialist) in Ukr, and then choose the opportunity to continue studying at partner universities.

Q: What is the cost of the program "Education in Europe"?
A: Payment of the first part of the contract price of $ 3000 USD 00 (Three thousand USD. 00) made within 5 banking days after signing this Agreement. Payment of the second part of the contract price of $ USD 00 in 2800 (two thousand eight hundred USD. 00) made within 5 banking days after receiving official confirmation of its registration (daughter, son) as the applicant. Payment of the third part of the contract price of $ 2000 USD 00 (Two thousand USD. 00) made within 3 business days of receiving official confirmation from the university to transfer it (daughter, son) as a student.

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